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Help us continue to make music.

What is a patron?

noun.  a person who gives financial or other support. "a patron of the arts."

When you become a patron of artists, you help them create more art.

Like everyone, artists have bills to pay. In this era of streaming music, it takes a long time for a song to actually bring an independent artist any income. It is all too tempting to turn away from the craft to make ends meet. When you partner with us monthly, you free us to put our time and energy toward the calling set before us - writing songs, singing, playing, crafting beauty. Plus, we strongly feel that the best art is made in community, not isolation. Patrons are that community for us.

To our patrons, we pledge our dedication to the craft of songwriting. We will send you regular updates through the Patreon website and offer different tiers of support with opportunities to engage in livestreams, videos, and more. 


No artist survives on their own. Thank you for helping us do what we do.

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