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Us. You. Your people. Music.

House concerts are intimate, special nights of music, right in the comfort of your own home. Think of it as a house party mixed with a concert.  You bring 20-60 of your friends, we bring our instruments, and we play a concert for you. Everyone gets to mingle before and after the performance. It's great fun.


Why do people do this?

Musicians love having an intimate venue where we can really connect with the audience. It's quieter than a club and more personable than a coffee shop. Hosts like to share music they like with their friends, gather people together, and welcome artists to towns where there might not be a public venue that fits the artist well. People frequently did this in the past; these days, it's regaining popularity. 

My house is small. Can I really host a concert?

If you have room for at least twenty people, definitely. It's okay if they're seated close together; it adds to the intimacy. If you're worried about it, team up with another person at their home.

How does it work?

People arrive at the designated time and mingle for about 45 minutes. Everyone takes their seats for the concert. When the performance is over, people mingle more, talking with the artist. 

How much does it cost?

We'll talk with you directly, taking location and our touring schedule into consideration. Most hosts take donations or collect tickets from attendees to offset the cost of the show and travel. We are grateful that you are interested in hosting and don't want money to keep you from doing so.

More questions?  Download our full hosting guide. 

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Chris and Jenna are super-gracious, personable with all guests, and play a fantastic live gig. If you want to watch two unique and creative artists come together to make a beautiful, joyful noise in front of your eyes and ears, then host an event and soak up their unfolding art!

Hosting a house concert was easier than I thought. The band worked with me to answer all of my questions and make the show a success. It was fun for my husband and I to introduce our friends to artists we love, but are new to them. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my friends came out on a week night. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests. As hosts, we enjoyed our "all access backstage pass" and the opportunity to support Wild Harbors. Their stories and songs encouraged us and continue to encourage us as we have strong positive memories tied to them. Experiencing them in the home environment with a small crowd of family and friends leaves an ongoing impression different than what I've experienced following big arena shows or reading/hearing interviews with artists.


Hosting an in-home concert was one of the most amazing experiences we've had as a couple.  Wild Harbors connected with each person who attended the event and instantly became friends with us all!  By hosting an in-home concert, you are able to truly connect with the artists and feel the passion for each song they sing.


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