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It's humbling to ask people to invest in something you care about.

When it's something you care about, though, it's different than asking them to invest only in you. There's something bigger. And goodness, we all need something bigger than ourselves in our lives.

Making this album was a risk. I left my job. We ended our old band. We spent a month away from home. We trusted our time, money, and songs with new people.

At the end of that process, we now have a record that we are immensely proud of. More than that, we have a collection of songs that mean something to us and to other people. We have been blown away and humbled by responses to the ideas within it - commitment, choosing harder things, taking risks, loving deeply. We have seen beautiful conversations evolve from listeners' experience with these songs. We have also seen the spark in people's eyes as they talk about the things they are secretly passionate about, things they've always wanted to do.

We think that's important.

And so, we are inviting you into this adventure. Held by just ourselves, this album will have a chance to impact a few people. But held by a whole group of us, it will have a chance to impact many people.

Learn more about what we plan to accomplish with the record at our Kickstarter page, pledge to get the full album download before the campaign ends, and follow along with the journey.

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