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Our first single is out in the world. It was the last song to get written for our upcoming album. It came out of a season of huge risks and reflection, and it has become the song we need to continue singing to ourselves as we continue this adventure.

When we got the chance to make our record with Andrew Osenga, it meant we would need to spend a month in Nashville. My job did not allow for that kind of flexibility. Faced with sacrificing eleven years of another career to make the jump, I confessed to Chris that I couldn't come up with the justification needed to do so. Amazed, he reminded me how I had turned to him in so many electric, God-filled moments of our last tour and said, "This is why we do this." The reasons why I should do it had already been lived out, but when faced with details and difficulty, they were the furthest thing from my mind.

When we pondered this with a friend, she said, "That's why the Israelites built monuments. They were a forgetful people, and they needed physical reminders of what God had done so they could return and remember." Chris looked at me and whispered, "THAT'S the song we need to write. Let's get home."

As the journey has gotten longer and harder, we have needed the reminder to stake a claim on the moments when we are certain, moments when the cloud of doubt lifts. We need a way back to those places. We need to raise monuments.

You can read more about our journey and the song on The Rabbit Room.


Said goodbye to house and home

Set off for the great unknown

Didn't we hear that voice

That sent our spirits reeling

Trembling before the choice

but couldn't shake the feeling

This is the moment when everything's clear

We know who we are, we know why we're here

Before all we have are feathers caught in the wind

We'll raise a monument

Mountaintops that called our name

looming closer day by day

Didn't they seem so small

when standing at a distance?

Looking back I can't recall

A path of worse resistance

One day we say we've come alive

The next we think we've lost our minds

Are we crazy, are we doing well?

It's getting harder and harder and harder to tell

It's getting harder and harder and harder to tell

It's getting harder and harder and harder to tell

Write it all down in stone

I know this won't last long

(c) 2018 Wild Harbors

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